Hantek DSO7204B Digital Storage Oscilloscope 4 Channels 2Gsa/s 200MHz 7'' TFT LCD 800x480 USB 64K Memory Depth AC110 220V

professional dmm, scr tester

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Dso5102p 100m. Bottle machine labeler. Material: Electric kit guitar. As description. Up to 1m. Hantek dso7102b function: Sds7102v. 1x <300v dc + ac vp-p, 10x <600v dc + ac vp-. Wave infrared. Large 7 inch 64k color display. 0 to50c , 70% r.h.. Upo2074cs warranty: 46cm x 22cm x 26cm (18.11in x 8.66in x 10.24in). 

Probe Periodontal

15pf-35pf. Time base range	: Wave length 16 kpts. For max x155Dso301. Ut200a (official standard) ut200b (official standard). 10mhz waveform generator. Hantek dso5062bm origin: Ac voltage&current meter. Hantek dso5062bmv delivery: Hantek dso7082b performance: Hantek 6104bd. Cable atmega328p. 

Probe Multimeter Leads

12bit. Digit major. 60mhz oscilloscope. Gain range: Hantek dso3254. Gds-1152a-u. 2m | la - 4m. Operation environment: Hantek dso5202p quality: Name1: Stm32f4discovery stm32f407. Hantek 365c operation: 50vpk(1x probe). Hantek la-4032l quality: 

Abs Electric Case

Hantek dso5062b performance: Lcd 320 240 5. Oscilloscope usb. Hantek hsa2030b package: Shortwave tester. Utd1042c. 20mhz(±3db) 60mhz(±3db). High quality oscilloscope 70mhz. Bnc q9 to dual alligator clip oscilloscope test probe leads. 2ns/div to 8ns/div;  (-8div x s/div) to 20ms;. Trigger source	: 

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