Professional HD skin scalp hair follicles iris detector one machine

telescope filter solar, thinkvape finder 250

Wholesale Telescope Mount

Lens hd 12x zoom. Microscope polarizer. Yjm-cob-92mm. Telescopes block filter ccd. Measuring tape. Table xy. Power auto off: Primary mirror weight: Range: Soldering helping hands. 16cm*7cm*4.5cm. Color display rechargeabel. English, german, spanish, french, russian,portuguese,japanese. Wholesale verniers calipers. Focus type: 

Document Camera Scanner Usb

Black,brown. Hydrogen metal. Thin vision. Optical lens convex. Approx.192g. 150*65*20mm/5.91*2.56*0.79". =/-2.0mm+d*5/100000. Tc-3550. Protractor inclinometer digital. Fully multi coated broadband. S/n ratio: Centechia. Qhy5p - ii - c. Primary mirror length: Focal length: 40mm: 4". Digital laser thermometer. Optic lens. 2 * 1.5v aaa batteries (not included). 75mm for the large, 22mm for the small. 

Led Magnifier Loupe

Loupe dental light. High quality+drop shipping + whole sale. About 0.21kg. Laser level mw-93t. -20~60 degree celsius.. Wholesale machine car polishing. Eu/ru/us/auStyle: 3 aaa batteries (not included). Model: Zoom 40x60. Finderscope magnification: Scrub / plane, randomly sent. 3x 8x. 

Small Power Light

Wf16x. Compatibility: Light source: : Mini projector zoom. Led color light mask: Wholesale projector lens metal. 400f5.6. Feature8: Hand-held laser range finder. 145mm. 23.2 mm caliber. As the discrible. 230mm. Microscope eye guards. Binocular 22x32. 

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