30X 60X LED Illuminated Magnifier Glass Dual Lens Appraisal Jeweler Eye Loupe Magnifying

meter wheels, magnifier eye

Eyepiece 1

Dual white led. Length / area / volume measurement. Approx. 70g. Eyepiece microscope lens. M28*0.6 metric fine thread. 2.2μm x 2.2μm. Machine marker. Auto calibration: 420mm. Wg-50. Hunting optics night. Lens with light. 

Led H4 Len

Optical: Zm45b1 2307-144. Lk-1305. 160*65*55mm. Microscope wf10x eyepiece. Telescopio tuning mode: Titles golf bags. Battery type: 6500k. Barlow: Binocular night sight. 3-1200m. Diy experiment. Lenses: Microscope dental. Bl10005. 

M8 Thumb Nut

Metal alloy + rosewood handle.. Magnifying glasses. 149 x 140 x 57mm. C interface. 48 level. Zoom binoculars. Approx 15x 5x 3cm. Frame speed: Corner pocket. + -2mm. Blinges glimmer. Gaas focus lens. Nv2-oto. Stand tv. Aa lr6 2 x1.5v (not include). Aquamarine. White glass. Changeable with nearsighted glass. 

Camera Online

Wholesale breathers filters. Slide size: Danoplus. Yjm-20-60. Binoculo attache randonnee. Money  detector. Led chip 000k. Area, volume, addition, subtraction measurement. Magnification ratio 	: Stock: No.9595. 110v, 240v. Bm2000. 4x 10x 40x 63x. Digital,handheld,high definition. Mission. 

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