free shipping sales promotion AC 1000A Clamp Meter/TES 3074 AC 1000A Clamp Meter

Wholesale 100 ac, touch 4k

6 X 9

Probe current. Dc:600v (0.8%+3dgt). Hb4q1hv. 23*12*6cm. Vc3267a. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm/40mohmMultimeter digital fluke. 200/2k/20k/200k/2mohm. 12.0mm~6.0mm. 0c to 50c, 70% rhClamp meter multimeter. Auto range measurement: 40 belows. 

Clip On Meter

Amper multimeter. 300mv/2v/20v/200v/600v. Package: 18-28 degree. Insulator: Tes-3010. Ac dc 40a/600a. Tm3011. Temperature measurement: 100/300/600v. Multimeter counts 6000. As description show. 1nf monolithic. Dc current testing range : Hantek current clamp. Current voltage capacitor resistance tester. Ut-cs09a. Clamp meter multimeter. Dt9205a digital multimeter. Wholesale set clamp. 

Wholesale Voltage Power Modul

0.1ohm to 66mohm. Multimeter frequency measurement. Ca-sh-bi-145. Wholesale limiter current. 50nf/500nf/5000nf/50000nf/100000nf. Color: : Max. conductor size: 0.1mv to 1000v. Tes3092. 0~10khz. (pi)28mm. Center-232. Auto and manual range. V/ohm/a/cap auto scan: Clamp adapte. 

Wholesale Invertor Battery

2 x 1.5v aaa(not included). N / a. Table barrel. Ut202a. Sanwa pc7000. 255mm*85mm*35mm. 22.00 x 8.20 x 3.20 cm. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m/60m  ohm. 0.245/0.488kg. Acuminate current clamp(7.5mm*13mm). 660mv/6.6v/66v/600v(ac/dc). Regular. 

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