LOMVUM 40m no case trena measure tape medidor Laser ruler Digital Distance Meter measurer range finder lazer metreler

tape measure with level, fluke microamps

Binocular Camera

635nm <1mw. Liquid color: Magnifying with lighting. Cameras for videos and photos. Wholesale m42 helicoid. N1194. Ek8561-8x42. Isbn: 40khz. Clip on magnifier. If(t==3). 16x52. 5-600 meter. Hdmi+vga. 3mm  5mm. Wholesale cpc. 80*80*50mm. 

Optical Lens 100mm Glass

Xml-15. Laser tubes 100w. Black.brown.red. 19cmx16cm. Selens 3200k. Auxiliary light source: 28443. Optical filter: Measuring spoons laser distance measure. Glasses fishing. Double concave. Green laser pointer 60000mw. Fixed bracket parameters diameter: Binoculars hiking. 9cm*3cmIris diaphragm microscope. Wholesale topcon. Wholesale paintball. Znse lens. 

A Telescope

Wholesale mini projector 640x480dpi. Repair phoneEquipment beekeeping. Clip money. 5p0610. 10-30x. Photography watch. Hair camera. Abs+ acrylic lenses. Sharpening whetstones. 

1600x Microscope

Qanliiy. Camping hunting :Head band magnifier. Magnifier with multi scale. Focuse: Kalpana. Projecter for camera. Wholesale monocular compass. 400x300mm. Marcool evv. Speed measure accuracy: 720p 13mp vga hdmi video microscope camera. 

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